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Guitarist Mark Sean joined forces with up-and-comer Dan Diven, along with bassist Cameron Smolinske and drummer Zach Fiandt in order to create a new sound built around heavy, catchy riffs, poetic lyrics, and thundering drumbeats.

In Winter of 2009/2010, a demo CD was released to excited fans, with some critics comparing the band's intensity to that of the Foo Fighters and the live show, filled with improvisation and stage antics, to that of Led Zeppelin - "Novafall offers a new twist on the hard rock formula and gives new life to the genre."

With plans to release their debut CD in mid-2010 and play top regional concerts and festivals, Novafall is expected to create a huge buzz within the music industry.
Novafall is...

Dan Diven - Vocals
Mark Sean - Guitar
Cameron Smolinske - Bass
Zach Fiandt - Drums

Est. 2009